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During the darkest times in my life, I've always found solace in creative endeavours. Over a 14 year marriage to a very violent man, I channeled everything I had into creative light. It helped me survive. I painted so much that I had a storage room filled with paintings. One night, knowing how much painting brought me solace, the man I was married to took them all and destroyed them, along with my easle,  paints and brushes.

Only a few paintings survived.

I lived in an environment equivilant to a war zone, where my life was often in danger. I had to create my own peace. Part of that peace was rooted in my artwork.

I never stopped creating - it simply took other forms - drawing with pen and ink, chalk creations on the driveway with my daughters, writing, loving, laughing, living and being.


"The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live". - August Rodin