After the death of Julie’s mother (Marie), and 10 weeks later the tragic death of her 37 year old sister, Julie started an outreach project based on her mother’s philosophy in life. Her mother always taught her that kindness and generosity are the threads that keep us connected. This project continues to serve the most marginalized and vulnerable populations who often slip through the cracks of the system. You are invited to add a dose of kindness and compassion to someone else's day, whenever the opportunity presents itself. And there are always opportunities. 

Something to think about....

 In 2008/9 Julie was working as a refugee counselor. She set up a dialogue between Canadian and Mexican students to discuss their respective lives and dreams. This occurred in the mountains of Mexico. Check out this video from Mexico where Julie asked a group of Canadian teens and Mexican teens this question: 
What does it mean to be rich?
Watch here: