"Rooted In Strength" Commissioned Piece

“Rooted in Strength” acrylic on canvas (40 in x 40 in)
“Rooted in Strength” depicts our young Indigenous youth connected to Mother Earth. Our resilience, strength, and perseverance stand as strong as the trees that surround us. We gather strength and feel grounded in this connection. We are connected to our ancestors and all our relations who also keep us grounded and give us strength.

The sweetgrass braid represents medicines that help us to heal our past and move forward with pride toward our collective future. The billowy smoke rising into the air in the shape of a bear, raven, eagle, buffalo, turtle, beaver, and wolf represents the Seven Teachings.

These Seven Teachings are guiding principles in collaboration towards the restoration of the Indigenous cultural values, beliefs, and practices that were forbidden. With it the animal guides that accompany each teaching are represented here :

Love (Eagle),
Respect (Buffalo),
Bravery (Bear),
Honesty (Raven),
Wisdom (Beaver),
Humility (Wolf),
Truth (Turtle).