"The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart." - George Sand

Julie Francella

Ogichida Waawaashkeshi’kwe

Original artwork, prints and art cards available

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Royal Saskatchewan Museum

now carries Julie’s art prints and art cards.



“Julie’s art reflects her indomitable spirit: 
resilient, graceful, true. 
I have several of her paintings in places of honor in my home. Each one brings its own life and energy to the room, and great joy to my heart. 
Her work is a legacy.”

Kate Mapother (Tucson, Arizona, USA)

“After purchasing two of Julie’s prints to have displayed at work, I knew I needed to purchase another for my home as well.

The beautiful attention to detail, love, and symbolism that Julie conveys in each piece of her art is clearly representative of her passion for not only art, but advocacy. Her artwork tells stories, stories of Indigenous strength, courage, hope, and resiliency.”

Shylan Preston (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

“In any form of art there is this intangible factor that makes you fall in love with it. With Julie’s art this factor is right in front of your eyes: What she paints stems from the heart and from her very deep spirituality and heritage. That’s why it’s not just appealing to the eyes. It goes straight to the heart and you can relate to it.
I have bought the “mother of exiles” print twice (one for me and one as a gift for a friend). If I could, I would give this print as a gift to everyone that came to this country (U.S.A.) to make a new start and build their own dream.”

Kostas Veliadis (Houston, Texas, USA)

"Julie's art inspires the best in what we have been and what we are. Her use of meaningful colour and traditional imagery reminds me that we all have a role to play in reconciling the truth of the past and in maintaining hope for a better future. Her art demonstrates the resiliency of the connected spirit we all possess and how that connectedness can be used to work together in healing."

Nick Schenher (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)