LittleField: Brooklyn, New York

Littlefield has been one of NYC’s premier independent live venues since 2009. It has showcased some of the best comedy, live music, dance parties, podcasts, art, film and theater. Currently housed in a former 1920’s printing press warehouse, littlefield’s layout and sound system also makes it ideal for weddings, private parties, conventions and festivals.


MINDIMOOYENH – Feminine AND Fierce Women Art Exhibit

Sky Golden Bear
When I think of women I know, those who have had to fight and struggle for a voice in this world, I think of many descriptors. Centuries of conditioning have left us believing that the word fierce is not one of them. In Ojibway, women are mindimooyenh or “one who holds things together.” Fierce is the most prominent descriptor for the women who have walked through life with me, side-by-side, heart-by-heart. These women are also caring,
loving, courageous, generous, wise, thoughtful, loyal, beautiful, and gentle.
They are also a force to be reckoned with.
Fierce: bold, ardent, passionate, powerful, relentless, strong.
Chief Aly Bear
This exhibition will be at littlefield through March 2023 and is made possible with the generous support of The Canada Council for the Arts.